Why do you need to Outsource Social Media Management

With the rise in digitization, there has been increased proximity around Social Media. As more and more businesses are considering their social media presence, there are undoubtedly many leverages of establishing a strong social media presence. It is foreseen that businesses now try to expand their outreach using Social Media from their very genesis. Thus, this has now become one of the undeniable components when it comes to Promoting businesses on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest at times. However, just having a Social Media account might not be enough. Many businesses start well by constantly engaging customers from the start, but not all businesses succeed in exploiting this well-known tool and gain immense results. Do you know why?

When you curate an online presence, it is not possible to handle back-end promotion and marketing for everyone. These strategies require specific skills and expertise along with creativity, time, effort, and consistency, which might be difficult to manage while your focus is on the core functioning. Hence, it is advisable to consult expert professionals that can do it for you. Following are the reasons why outsourcing will benefit you to meet your promotion and marketing goals:


1) Your time: Social Media required dedicated time and effort.
Considering that you are a businessperson, you have a lot on your plate already to juggle between multiple social media platforms. To save your time for important tasks, outsourcing is always a good idea. This is because social media is more than just scheduling posts, it needs effort in:
Strategizing your content and tracking the advertisement reach.
Monitoring the activities on your feed.
Experimenting with new growth hacks to increase your outreach
Being Responsive (24/7) to maintain positive social connections with customers.

You definitely can roll up a few hours for yourself, but this will NOT yield the desired results. This stands true for both the large enterprises with large followers and SMEs looking to increase their followers. Both of them need time, energy, strategy, and effort. Outsourcing helps you save a LOT of your time.

2) Investing in Relationships: Making Virtual friends (than mere followers).

To be present on social media doesn't complete your goal. The idea is to reach to maximum people by putting engaging content that resonates with you and your customers. The good visual and verbal content can keep your followers updated about your progress and establish credibility in the market, gradually. If this is taken care of, progressive popularity is the word of mouth. The catch is that your followers will become your friends, only if you treat them like one!
The first tip to convert your followers into friends is by using Google Analytics or similar tools to analyze your target users' traffic. For instance, if you are looking for content for introverts that posting increasingly in LinkedIn might not help, you got to reach them on Pinterest or Instagram, because that’s where they spend most of their time. By understanding WHAT your audience needs, you can deliver to them everything that they need, and hence, they will feel related and heard! Hence, to apply this you might want to consider outsourcing to the right person who understands SMM for you.

3) Money: It will cost you, but like an investment.

If you are worried about your budget in outsourcing, here’s what you must consider:
There are three options to choose from, Social media companies, Freelance Marketers, and Content strategists and developers. Understand what you exactly need and approach one to communicate what you desire for your social media.
There are different sizes of enterprises that you may want to approach based on your budget. For instance, freelancers or such agencies can be less expensive than your time as well as having a person in-house like an employee.

The difference in price-quotation is dependent on the following reasons:
1) Whom you approach: Chronologically, the freelancers are open for negotiation and are least expensive, the agency will charge you moderately based on your requirements and huge social enterprises charges the highest with their own incentives. All three are good options.
2) Delivery-commitment: If you aspire to post more content, this will multiply to cost you more amount with time.
3) Duration of contract: The longer the contract duration is lesser will be the price. Urgent and short-term commitments will charge you more comparatively.
4) Investment in required tools: Some agencies might require you to have your own bought account and invest in some premium subscriptions to accelerate your followers gradually by giving it a push whenever necessary.

After this, if you consider having an in-house dedicated team for your social media management, the Following will be your liabilities and responsibilities:
1) Paying a fixed salary to employees along with incentives, etc.
2) Buying subscription tool packages like BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, etc. as demanded by the in-house team.
3) Building an exclusive content development team for you
4) Investment in terms of time and tools in Strategy development and gain constant feedback for improvements.

And yet, if you hire a freelancer, you’ll certainly end up saving a lot of money, time, and resources, but you need to pick the freelancer that delivers you cost-effective service. Your freelancer will handle everything for you that is required, as mentioned above.


Outsourcing your Social Media handling is a good idea to yield the growth that you desire. You can ask for exactly what you want, and a team of experts can help you deliver your wishes with a plan-in-action. Now is the time to save yourself from unnecessary juggling and save your time on what’s important for you.