Most Common Link Building Mistakes

Most Common link building Mistakes

Everyone wants their websites to be in the top search results. To achieve this it is essential that you build links to your website. Link building is an important part of Off-Page Optimization. There are several link building techniques that are applied to get backlinks to your site.

There may be websites telling you that link building is a must if you want to get high rankings,  but creating too many links in a short period of time can send wrong signals to the search engines. We all know that search engines value websites that have earned a good reputation naturally and with backlinks from quality sites. It is common to make mistakes during your link building campaign.

Here are some common link building mistakes that are best avoided.

Targeting the Wrong People

To increase business opportunities we try to connect with people. But we don’t get a positive response from them. Are you targeting the right people? Tweaking your strategy and identifying the right audience, you can be sure of a good response and start taking advantage of the opportunities.

When you contact people you must make sure that they are interested in what you are doing. We often send requests to the contacts that are into a different field and not at all related to our domain. Suppose you have blog posts and are looking for other bloggers who can include your posts, it is advisable to look for those bloggers who are related to your content and who would be interested.

It is important to maintain the contacts you already have by building a relationship before going for new ones.

Don’t wait for links to come

Just creating some great content won’t give you links. Your content must reach the right people, then it will drive links.

Quality content is an important factor in getting good backlinks, but finding your target audience and using the right techniques to promote your content is essential.

Links will not come unless you make an effort to get them.

Not Following Up

You make a lot of effort in finding the site and then the getting the email id and interacting with them. But when you send the email you never hear from them. You wonder why you didn’t get a response. People get a lot of emails and they often overlook and forget them.

It is important to follow up. Send an email a few days later. You will get a response thanking you for the follow up. Tools like Boomerang lets you write an email and schedule them to be sent automatically at the preferred time.

You are not into Paid Promotion

Most people don’t want to spend to promote their content. But you know that if you tap all the areas you will get backlinks.

You can go for paid promotion for your blog posts, press releases, etc. It is important that you understand your requirements and goals before going for paid promotion.

Sponsored posts will drive more targeted traffic and downloads.

Too many exact anchor text links

A common mistake in link building is to use the exact anchor text in every backlink that’s created. Anchor text lets the search engine know what the linked site is about.

Using a single keyword for all your anchor texts cannot bring effective results. Instead, you can use related keywords or alternate phrases of the linked text in your link building campaigns to avoid penalties and to improve your ranking. 

Link exchanging on a massive scale

Exchanging links on a massive scale with other website owners can be disadvantageous for your website.

Never go for bulk link exchange because you can’t be sure if the links are good or not.

Links from unrelated websites

This is a common mistake. When looking for backlinks go for relevant sites only. If your site is based on diets getting a link from a shopping site is not worth it.

It can be easy to search for websites related to your site unless your site is based on a very unpopular topic. You can find hundreds of websites relevant to your content to get a backlink from.