Advance SEO Techniques To Increase Traffic

Advance SEO Techniques To Increase Traffic

So you have created a blog. What about bringing more traffic to it. It is easy to create a blog but it's hard to make your blog successful. Traffic is one of the most important factors to measure your blog’s success. The more visitors you have, the more people who will read your content.

To divert good traffic to your blog, you must be willing to invest your time and effort. Once your blog gains some popularity, it will be easy to keep the traffic coming. Creating quality content, promoting and optimizing your content should be a regular process to maintain and increase traffic.

Here are some advanced SEO techniques that can increase traffic to your blog.

Optimizing your Blog Content:

1.    It is essential that you make your blog SEO friendly

Search engines are a great source for traffic and bloggers can take advantage of the many opportunities it offers. Search engines are a great way to add business to your blog as they bring in advertising offers and guest posting opportunities. Your blog can attract the attention of the press and media if you have a good position in the SERPs. SEO done in the right way can bring a great number of views to your blog

2.    Do Keyword Research before writing your post

It is most likely that your blog will be found and indexed by the search engines if you include the keywords that your target audience is typing in the search engines. Make a list of the best keywords that will bring more traffic to  your blog by doing a proper keyword research. There are many keyword research tools that you can try like the AdWords Keyword Planner from Google. Include your shortlisted keywords in the title and headings of your post for maximum results.

Create Quality Content:

1.    Content Matters

Create content that is informative and unique. Make sure that it is free from spelling and grammatical errors. False and vague information can repel your visitors. Fresh and quality content will make your visitors come back to your blog.

2.    Choosing an interesting and informative title

The first thing that a user will see when they find your blog is the title. It should give the user a clear idea of what your blog is about. Creative and catchy titles will generate more interest among the users. The title of your blog should be unique and easy to remember.

3.    Add design to your blog

The design and layout of your blog should be appealing to the users. Of course the content is what that matters, but a well designed blog will attract more views. Select a good theme that goes well with your content. Choose 2 or three colors as too many colors can be distracting. Adding a logo will help your readers remember your blog the next time they see it on the web.

4.    Create content for your target audience

A lot of users will come and view your blog, but only those who will find the content useful will become regular visitors to your blog. It is important that you update your blog with new posts to keep your target audience interested. Detailed and specific content will encourage more readers who will like and share your posts.

5.    Add images and illustrations to your blog

More people are likely to read your blog if they are interesting images and       illustrations in the content. Post images that are relevant to your content. You will get additional traffic via image search. You may add your own image to your blog’s bio so that your readers can remember you. Allowing your readers to share your images can be beneficial to your blog. It is recommended that you put a notice on your blog that people need to mention the source when they use your images in their sites.

Promote your Blog:

1.    Use popular social sites to share your posts

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are some of the popular social sites where you can share your posts and connect with your target audience. Create profiles giving your personal information and a detailed description about yourself. Connect with people within your industry, your friends and readers. Share your posts or check out other posts. Participate in communities to increase your network.

2.    Commenting on other blogs

Commenting and interacting with other blogs can drive traffic to your blog. Use a proper name and url that links to your post in your comments. Commenting on blogs related to your topic is more effective.

3.    Using Email Connections

Sending newsletters to your email subscribers will allow them to click on your link and come to your blog. It is important that you keep building your email subscribers. You can use your email signature to allow your recipients to click on the link and go to your blog. This is a great way to add traffic to your blog.

Infographics to Increase Blog Traffic:

Infographics or information graphics are visuals which enable you to share complex information in a more clear and easy way. Adding an infographic to your blog can bring in more traffic as visual content is more engaging than text. People can easily share your infographics which increases traffic to your blog. There are many sites that can create infographics for you based on your ideas.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a great way to earn links and references back to your site. It is an effective way to drive traffic to your blog and improve search engine rankings. Posting your content on other blogs will bring in more traffic.

Find blogs that are relevant to yours. People would love to guest post on your blog when you guest post for them. Instead of a single post write a series of posts to get effective results.

Keep Track of your Blog’s Growth:

Keep a track of your blog’s success by using Google Analytics.  You will be able to know where the visits originate and which sources are driving more traffic to your blog. Using the analytics report you can start targeting the sources where you get more traffic. For more opportunities and to see where your blog is heading, it is essential that you employ analytics. 

Try the above techniques and you can be sure of an increase in your blog’s traffic.